Calling All Ladies! – Little Victories Moto Is Bringing More Women to the Motorcycle Community

Here's one for the ladies.

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Reading a book, playing sports, or taking a nap, these are some common activities that you might do to escape from the world and destress. But if you’re one to take a rip on a bike to help put your mind at ease, you might be interested in checking out Little Victories Moto.

The motorcycle community is a safe place for bike-riding women to chill out and hang with other likeminded ladies.

“Motorcycling can be so welcoming. Like it can literally just be your escape,” says Shelby of Little Victories. “That’s what it is for me. I go for a ride on my motorcycle.”

The group was created when Shelby first moved to Vancouver. After meeting Andy and learning about her interest in riding, the two created the club. According to the website, Little Victories is “an inclusive space and community for women who share a love of motorcycles.” The group likes to ride, hang out, and get “a little weird.” Still a little new to riding? The group offers free lessons and workshops, and promises “good times.”

In fact, Andy can vouch for that. “The first time I rode it on a long country road and just went as fast as I could, you should’ve seen the smile on my face,” she says. “It was a really good moment for me.”

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Shelby and Andy of Little Victories Moto. (The MIX/Jessy Penelon)

Whether you’re a beginner or a competitive rider, the social club aims to create bonds with women who have a love for riding. Andy hopes that the club can be a helpful way for newbies.

“We realize that there’s a lot of other women out there who don’t have the resources to learn how to ride bikes so we decided to be those people for them.”

With other motorcycle groups available in the lower mainland, the girls created this exclusively for women. “We wanted something that was the same for the boys, but for the girls,” Andy continues. “And just about riding bikes, nothing else.”

To learn more about the motorcycle club, be sure to check them out on their social platforms below.

Little Victories Moto

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