Homecoming with Geoff Gulevich – Pro Mountain Biker

At 31 years old, North Shore native Geoff Gulevich has been a professional mountain biker for half his life and has become one of the most documented freeriders in the sport.

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Spending 8 to 9 months on the road, Geoff Gulevich’s independent lifestyle sees him travelling, training, and competing almost non-stop. He still finds time for photography, writing, and production. Through determination and love for the sport, he pushes through being tired, stressed, and even homesick. With only so much time for friends, family and relaxing while in Vancouver, we were lucky to catch him to tell his story.

“Being born here, I’m definitely very privileged. The North Shore is arguably the beginning and home of freeride mountain biking. I’m truly a product of my environment here.”

As a North Vancouver local, he’s had a wealth of different terrain to work with, which developed a unique skill set not seen in many riders. He’s at home riding trails, streets, skate parks, and hitting jumps. In the winter he snowboards, skis, and practices yoga. These skills send him around the world on mountain adventures across Argentina, to giant drops at the Red Bull Rampage in Utah, to intense slaloms and ramps at Crankworx in Whistler.

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“The thing that gets me the most stoked about mountain biking is inspiring people to try new things, progress. And now being able to share my passion for travel and biking together. It’s really kinda pushed it to the next level for me. It’s not just me out there, I’m doing to motivate people to do what they love.”

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