June 21st is Vancouver’s Go Skate Day

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Thousands of skaters planning to hit the streets in Downtown Vancouver for Go Skate Day

Start: Downtown Skate Plaza at 12 pm and roll from there…
1st Spot: Victory Square (RDS, Indy)
2nd Spot: Black Ice (Emerica)
3rd Spot: Georgia Banks (Element, Bones)
4th Spot: Art Gallery (Lakai, Girl)
5th Spot: Terry Fox (Stance)
6th Spot: Georgia Viaduct
End: Strathcona Skatepark (Roark)
The Boardroom BBQ + Red Bull Best Trick

Official After Party: Hip-Hop Karaoke // Go Skate Day afterparty & Go Skate Day After Party at Fortune Sound Club 19+

Go Skate Day is skateboarding legend Don Brown’s brainchild.

The year is 2004, it’s a California summer and Brown’s checking his calendar. Realizing that there’s an unofficial holiday for almost everything these days (June 1st is National Doughnut Day, for example) he decides to carve out a day to go skate. Brown knew that since skateboarding blew up commercially, his friends (and himself, too) had been so busy running skate companies that they didn’t have time to actually go skating.

So, Brown sends off a fax to different skate companies mapping out a route through a Southern California neighbourhood, ending the day with beers and a BBQ. Not expecting much, he was happily surprised when 30 people showed up to the impromptu event.

Now, Go Skate Day is recognized internationally with skaters all over the world dropping everything to go skate.

It originated simply as a day to go skate and have fun. The International Association of Skateboard Companies states that the holiday has evolved into an opportunity to “raise awareness about the issues [skateboarders] face, to show the world what skateboarding is really all about; to reclaim [skateboarding] culture; and to define skateboarding as the rebellious, creative celebration of independence it continues to be.”

But, it’s still above all else a day to Go Skate.

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