An Inside Look at In Time, XO Records Photographer Hyghly Alleyne’s Debut Photo Exhibit

Check out what it's like to the live XO lifestyle and be in The Weeknd's crew.

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Hyghly Alleyne was born to be a filmmaker.

The award-winning director and photographer has been practicing his skills since he was ten years old. He has worked alongside Canadian favourites like Drake and The Weeknd and has gained international stardom for his work.

Our team spoke with the creator at his photo exhibit, In Time, to learn more about his journey in the music world, and for a glimpse of all of the multimedia content featured at his event.

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In Time showcased the XO lifestyle and The Weeknd crew through Alleyne’s lens. On September 8th and 9th, the public got the opportunity to check out the exhibit featuring photography, multimedia, video content, live portrait sessions, DJs, food from La Carnita, and a graffiti demonstration. Afterward, a private event was held from 8 PM to 11 PM where guests got the chance to party with exclusives.

We spoke with the man of honour himself to hear how his journey has progressed since the beginning. When discussing his creative process, Alleyne admits that inspiration is drawn from life experiences. “It has nothing to do with the music,” he says. “It has a lot to do with me going through things in life, not just me as an artist, but me as a human being.”

And clearly, it works. In 2012, Alleyne accepted the MMVA Best Hip Hop Video award for Drake’s The Motto. At the time, the project was just the second video that the filmmaker has ever shot.

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Some shots of Alleyne’s work at his exhibit, In Time. (The MIX/Brian Hamilton)

Following his father in his footsteps, Alleyne says that “filmmaking is in [his] blood.” “I had no other choice throughout my life but to become a filmmaker,” he says in an interview with Notable Life. “I tried getting involved in so many other things, but God always steered me into the direction I needed to be.”

“I film things and shoot things the way I want to be captured,” he says to The MIX. “It’s not really the fly on the wall mentality it’s more so capturing these live moments while being in these live moments, you know what I mean?”

His natural ability in filmmaking stems from his upbringing. Alleyne took the unconventional route by skipping film school. Instead, he learned from his surroundings by asking mentors questions and assisting in productions. With In Time, friends, family, and fans can now see what’s going on inside his head.

“I just want all of my homies to come out and really see where my mind was at.”

If you want to learn more about the filmmaker, check him out on Instagram or on his personal website. Or, if you want to check out more photos from the exhibit, take a scroll through #InTimeXO on Instagram.

Hyghly Alleyne

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