Indie Artist Sophia Danai Divulges on Anger, Support Systems, and Vancouver

Vancouver-based indie artist Sophia Danai speaks with The MIX about writing music, releasing anger, and surrounding herself with good people.

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From hip-hop to indie, Vancouver’s music scene is filled with a variety of genres from all areas of Metro Vancouver. As the industry continues to thrive, only the most ambitious and dedicated people have the ability to stand out – Sophia Danai is one of them.  The MIX caught up with Danai at this year’s Safe & Sound music festival to get insight into how she’s navigating through Vancouver’s local scene.

“Right now in this age of music, it’s like you have to be involved in every aspect and you have to learn to love every aspect,” she says. “You cannot do it alone so that’s why I have good friends who inspire me.”

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Sophia Danai performing at Safe and Sound Music Fest. (The MIX/Jessy Penelon)

When we spoke to her at the festival, she stressed how important it is to actively work for your success – especially in a city like Vancouver.

“It’s a challenging city to thrive in because it is so expensive and people work really hard here to have the quality of life they want,” she says. “Sometimes it’s hard to get people out to shows because everyone is hustling on their own shit. But physically being together and supporting each other is so important and I think we are moving in that direction, and that’s exciting. We rise together.”

With her powerful vocals, raw sound, and emotional lyrics, she has garnered a sizeable online following. Her latest original single Come Thru discusses her failed marriage and the events following it.

“Come Thru is really about claiming space and setting boundaries and exercising my anger which in my life was the part that never got a voice. This song is just that whirlwind, that relationship, that toxicity, and exercising that out. I just think also for women in general that since we’re little, we’re not really taught how to express anger in a healthy way.”

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Sophia Danai with Sam Lucia (of So Loki) at Safe and Sound Music Fest. (The MIX/Jessy Penelon)

When you’re going through an event as emotional as a divorce, it’s vital to have a network of people who support you and help you succeed.

“It’s just really important to surround yourself with people who empower your independence. That all comes, you knowing your voice and your skills and having that confidence. Nobody can tell you what path you should take as an artist.”

And once you begin to find yourself and develop your unique sound, the supporters will come. Danai is fortunate that she knows who she is. For artists that are in the same boat, she encourages you to help one another who aren’t as lucky.

“See how you can help and uplift other artists too. If you’ve taken a step up, look back and see who’s on that step down, and see if you can take them up too.”

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Want to see her live? Locals in Vancouver can catch her next month on November 11th at the Commodore Ballroom opening for The Boom Booms.

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