Timelapse Film Releases Short Film “The Experiment” by Mark Chisholm

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From Masters student to music producer, this Canadian artist gets real about his musical journey in the short documentary, Robotaki “The Experiment”.

Produced by Timelapse Film, the eight-minute film follows Preston “Robotaki” Chin as he chases his dream in the music industry while balancing family expectations.  Merging his two passions science and music, the inspiring journey will have viewers resonating with the producer as he shares his struggles and achievements while pursuing his goals.

The MIX got in touch with some of the members of the production team to learn more about the project and how the film came to fruition.   According to the director of the documentary, a collaboration was set for the future the moment the team met the artist at a show in Boston.

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Nick Thiessen – Timelapse Film

“Preston was mid-tour and we hung out with him before the show and swapped stories,” said Director Mark Chisholm in an email interview with The MIX.  “Over the next two years, we stayed in touch with his management team at Upstream Music Group and decided to pull the trigger on this project during his North America tour.”

The Robotaki camp hit the road, and it was up to the Timelapse team to be calculated with which city they would conduct Principal Photography in.  Consideration was given to Seattle, San Francisco and LA, but ultimately Vancouver made the most sense.
“We hooked up with our friends at Blueprint (who owns Celebrities night club where Preston was playing) and set everything up in our favor – it was a familiar setting for us, so we felt great about getting the live footage there.  We also seized the opportunity to finally shoot at the iconic Warehouse studio – such a shootable venue for this type of project, or really anything music related .”

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Nick Thiessen – Timelapse Film

Although trying to complete a documentary while on tour might seem like a logistical nightmare to some, both teams admitted that they barely faced any hurdles while shooting the project.

“Quite honestly we set out knowing exactly what we wanted to capture, and the experience doing it just happened so organically with a guy like Preston,” said the director. “At the expense of our DP [Trevor Lang] back lugging around a massive camera, our shoot went exactly as planned, with ideas generating organically. We like to keep the mood light and have an open mind to everyone’s ideas on set. That’s the best way to turn our vision into reality.”

From chill conversations to casual ideas, allowing things to happen naturally was a common theme when creating the film.  Although planning things in advance can mitigate risks, Chisholm says it can also create a ceiling on a person’s creativity.  In fact, he adds that some of the team’s best work came from working on the fly.

“A film is like a living organism, and you need to allow it to take shape while course correcting along the way.”

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Nick Thiessen – Timelapse Film

Maintaining a lighthearted environment kept the morale up.  And after everything was shot and done, there was overwhelming energy within the group.

“We wrapped the shoot with the interview, and after we called cut, the whole crew felt this electricity in the air knowing we had all created something special and intimate. It’s the same feeling you have when you’ve just had a really long heart-to-heart with someone. Everyone was buzzing with creativity, and couldn’t wait to see how the piece would turn out. It’s an unbeatable high and a feeling we chase on every project.”

Timelapse Film has wrapped up the Robotaki project and they’re now working on a new film with a “legendary artist from the 80s.”  The director was tightlipped on the name of the public figure but advises viewers to stay tuned.

For more projects from the Timelapse Film, check out their website online.

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