The Boom Booms Talk About Their Love for Travel and Life on the Road

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If you grew up on the west coast of Canada, you know that Vancouver has its own distinct identity when it comes to music. Particularly found in the alternative and indie-folk genre, this west coast style is popular among local bands that can be heard on radio stations like The Peak or CBC Radio 3.  Sure, each band has it’s own unique take, but there’s an underlying je ne sais quoi that makes it undeniably Vancouver.

The Booms Booms are changing that. Through their love of travel, the Vancouver-based indie soul band finds inspiration from all over the world – and it’s pretty clear in their music.

The band is made up of five versatile dudes: Geordie Hart on the bass, Theo Vincent on the drums, Tom Van Deursen on the lead guitar, Sean Ross on the keys, and frontman Aaron Ross. He’s on vocals and plays the acoustic guitar.

It initially started off with just three members. Later, the gang recruited Aaron’s brother, Sean Ross, and then Van Deursen after meeting him at a tree planting party. Together, the five of them make The Boom Booms.

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The Boom Boom members from left to right: Geordie Hart (bass), Theo Vincent (drums), Aaron Ross (vocals) Tom Van Deursen (lead guitar), and Sean Ross (keys) (The MIX/Jessy Penelon)

It’s easy to make magic happen when you work with people that all share the same passion for music and travel. “I don’t think people get into music for making the big bucks,” says Hart. “I think it’s more of a quality of life decision. It’s just that we ended up just wanting to live a good life, see the world, travel and learn a lot that way. You use it as kind of like a vessel to get there.”

When Aaron was 24, he and his brother had planned to motorbike to Argentina. The band was doing well and establishing themselves in the city, so the guys used this trip as an opportunity to tour new territory.

“We bought an RV and we loaded seven of us into the RV,” says Aaron. “We drove to Panama and played about sixty shows down and up. Just rolling into town, finding a bar and saying, ‘Hey we’re the Boom Booms. We’re going to play tonight.'”

Although their adventures help inspire their new music, they also find influences from other avenues of their lives. “Theo’s background musically is Latin and African music so he certainly brought that vibe,” the vocalist adds.  “We started out with congas. The new music coming out will be next year of what you’re familiar with the Boom Booms and there’s very much like a dance hall, reggae tone influence.”

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Lead guitarist Tom Van Deursen jamming out during a practice session. (The MIX/Jessy Penelon)

As an unsigned band, the artists are living the independent life. Despite not having a major record label backing them up, the guys have managed to create multiple well-received albums, grow their audience, and go on tour all on their own.

“I think we go out every day trying to make people happy and make us happy,” says Vincent. “It’s sort of selfish because if they’re happy then we’re even happier than they are.”

Because to them, performing onstage creates this feeling of euphoria.

“When we play a big show and it’s a perfect show, it feels like a drug for sure. That high, that body feel that you get. I’m a junkie for the stage.” – Theo Vincent, The Boom Booms

If you want to catch them on stage belting out their latest tunes, you can purchase tickets to their upcoming show at the Commodore Ballroom on May 3rd. To learn more about the band, be sure to follow them on their social media pages below.

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