The MIX Meets Mother Mother’s Drummer Ali Siadat

Ali Siadat from Mother Mother sat down with The MIX to talk music, creativity, and life as a Canadian rockstar.

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The MIX sat down with Ali Siadat to talk the fame of his band Mother Mother, drumming, and the life of a musician. Surprisingly, Siadat didn’t envision having a career when he started playing music but life had other plans for him.

Mother Mother started in Heriot Bay in British Columbia in 2005. Initially, guitarist and vocalist Ryan Guldemond recruited his sister and college friend Debra-Jean Creelman to help him play music before the band became what it is today.

Initially playing under the name Mother (later changing to Mother Mother to avoid legal issues) and working with Howard Redekopp, they released a debut album in 2005. After their debut album Mother came out in 2007, the Vancouver Province rated them as one of the top 5 BC bands to watch out, and Mother Mother started to gain notoriety.

With this promotion, people began to notice Mother Mother’s powerful mix of pop and rock. They started touring in earnest, playing countless shows and hitting the festival circuit. And, when a band is this good and that new, people start to pay closer and closer attention.

Those who took the Province’s advice to heart watched the indie band evolve into what it is today. The award-winning Canadian musicians continue to kill it, releasing their acclaimed seventh album Dance and Cry in November of 2018. The album is stripped down and emotional — the songs do, undoubtedly, make you want to dance or cry.

Siadat joined Mother Mother in late 2008, replacing drummer Kenton Loewen. Expertly drumming on six of Mother Mother’s seven records, Siadat notes in our interview that honing your craft can come with the freedom of time.

Guldemond and Siadat have described Mother Mother “as much a family as it is a musical act” and it shows. The band produces music in a way that only those who know each other deeply can.


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