Vancouver Musician David Morin On Busking, Creation, & Focusing On The Good

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David Morin, the solo-king of musical multitasking, uses a loop-pedal to fool your ears into hearing an entire band.

Sometimes to get what you want, you have to make the most of what you’ve got. Turning sidewalks and street corners into his own personal (and very public) studio, David Morin was able to build a solo-musical career out of busking, talent, and tenacity alone.

Known for humbly busking the streets of Vancouver, Morin is a one-man show with the talents of a full band. Using a loop pedal, the solo artist makes music with the “freedom to do whatever [he] wants.”

“I was having a hard time getting gigs in clubs and venues” Morin tells The MIX, “so I decided to take it to the street. It turned out to be the best decision of my life.” He quit his job and started playing music full time, and the gigs started pouring in.

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Despite his success, Morin still spends time busking in Vancouver. Besides being a place to exercise creative freedom and promote his music publicly, busking is a social experiment to Morin. He is able to view and interact with the public and his music in a way unlike any others. Being able to read your crowd, then adjust and modify your sound to suit the mood is an underappreciated skill that Morin has perfected. He busks everywhere he travels and has the same reaction – a great street party – no matter where he is in the world.

His sound is self-described as a “unique, feel-good fusion of soul, hip-hop and jazz” echoing blues and funk, with “playful hints of disco and pop [adding] retro flavour to a contemporary pop aesthetic.” Morin’s been playing music since he was a young kid from Surrey, he has his mother to thank for instilling a love of R&B in him. He’s self-taught and passionate; you can hear the authenticity flowing through his melodic debut album, Every Colour.

“The only walls we’ve built for ourselves are the ones in our minds. Your environment and habitual thinking make you who you are. I want to get my message out.”

Morin preaches staying focused on your dreams and thinking for yourself. His lyrics center around social change and staying true to oneself. He touches on politics, social justice, and the individual. Morin uses his music as a platform to voice his message, and when he busks so enticingly in a public space you kind of have to listen.

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