Check Out All the Toronto Cannabis Legalization Celebrations on October 17th!

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On October 17th, recreational cannabis finally became legal after almost 100 years of prohibition. Canada became the first G7 country and the second country in the world to legalize cannabis nationwide. (Uruguay did it first!)

Our Toronto producer hit up the city to see what was happening on Legalization Day. But first – let’s buy some of that dank herb.

With legalization here, our team visited the Ontario Cannabis Store website to try and make a legal purchase of cannabis. After attempting to check out, our producer was notified that the products were actually sold out. “Out of stock already? I literally just tried to buy a bunch of cannabis online and by the time I got to my cart, it was actually sold out which is just absolute madness,” she says. “But I guess that’s what happens when an entire province tries to buy cannabis for the first time at once.”

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Joints at Leafly. (The MIX/Brian Hamilton)

With so many newbies prepared to light up their first j, our producer headed over to Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information resource, to hear what representatives had to say about Legalization Day.

“Start low and start slow,” advised Leafly representative Lauren Kemp. “You can always build up but once you are already way too high, it’s harder to come back down.”

Following the visit, it was time to hit up the Herb cannabis party.

“For Herb, it’s really about the collective voice of over 15 million people in our community. And our goal is really to make the brand and Herb as pervasive as coffee,” says Herb Founder and CEO Matt Gray.

Now that Canadian history has been made, it won’t be surprising to see other countries follow suit.

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Partygoer lighting up at the Herb cannabis party. (The MIX/Brian Hamilton)