10 Holiday Gifts You Can Buy for Under $20

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It’s that time of the year again – we’re blinded by holiday lights, eating until we’re comatose, and reconnecting with all the people who we should have wished, happy birthday, but didn’t. Ah, the holiday season. There’s a warmth we associate with the thought of old Saint Nick’s fanny squeezing down a chimney. Maybe it’s because we’re surrounded by our loved ones, or perhaps it’s because we get to raid the family liquor cabinet for free. Whatever the reason, the holiday season is a time to celebrate, rejoice under the mistletoe, and hide from the fact that it gets dark at 3:00 P.M.

Your bank account, on the other hand, may be experiencing a different set of emotions in response to the season. Regardless of your financial situation, the key to ensuring that you’re not crying at the sight of a hollow wallet when January rolls around is figuring out what you can manage. Manage, as in, what you can control, what you’re comfortable with spending, and what you can survive on to eliminate the risk of starting 2019 broke.

Buying holiday gifts can be tricky, especially if you’re tight on cash. Aside from the typical bottle of wine or pack of craft beer, we’ve compiled a list of ten gift ideas that you can buy for under 20 bucks… because hey, rent isn’t getting any cheaper. Check these out:

Johnny Hetherington Hot Sauce

For the foodies in your circle of connections, Johnny Hetherington hot sauce is the way to go. Available at The Federal Store for only $12 per bottle, this small little grocer and café in Mount Pleasant is a great place to buy local artisan goods for a cheap price. From craft beer BBQ to hot pineapple, this brand of hot sauce is sure to get any mouth watering.

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Flamin’ Pot Cheat’os

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada, why not give the gift of Flamin’ Hot Pot Cheat’os from The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary? These edibles are cheesy, delicious, and make a great stocking stuffer. If Cheetos don’t float your boat, this dispensary in East Vancouver sells an abundance of other edibles that you can get for the safe price of under $20.

Travel Guide 

The Old Faithful Shop in Gastown houses tons of awesome gift ideas. If you know anybody travelling to Tokyo, New York, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Mexico City, or Seoul in the new year, you can’t go wrong with a Monocle Travel Guide. Pick up one up for the nomad in your group for $19!

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Mnemosyne A5 Note/ Memo


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We all write notes and keep lists – adding a bit of sophistication to the task adds pleasure and personality

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You’re a true friend if you give the scholar of your group, a good quality memo pad. Available at Litchfield in Gastown for $15, this is a great option for the doodlers, writers, and any avid note-takers in your social network.

Essential Oil


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無印良品のエッセンシャルオイルは、フランスプロヴァンス地方のラベンダー、イタリアシチリア島のレモンやブラッドオレンジ、レッジョ・カラブリアのベルガモットなど、世界中の産地で収穫された花や果物を、昔ながらのやり方でエッセンシャルオイルに加工しています。 アロマディフューザーや素焼きストーンなど、お好みの道具で、香りのあるくらしを楽しめます。 ネットストアでは一部のエッセンシャルオイルや、超音波アロマディフューザー、超音波うるおいアロマディフューザーについて、配送料無料でお届けします。 #無印良品 #muji #無印良品の理由 #thewhyofmuji #エッセンシャルオイル

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If you’ve never been to Muji on Robson Street, your life might just change, and your wallet will definitely thank you. In addition to being able to buy essential oils for $10 per tincture, you can also browse Muji’s entire house, kitchen, and clothing sections, which are filled with affordable, quality items.

A Plant

If you’re absolutely stuck on what to get someone, you really can’t go wrong with a plant. Get lost in Figaro’s Garden – a green oasis located right off of Commercial Drive. Not only are plants cheap to purchase, but they’re the gift that keeps on giving!

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Meryl Streep Fridge Magnets 

Film-buffs or Meryl Streep-obsessed people out there – this is your opportunity to take gift-giving by storm. Saintcelebrity on Etsy sells unconventional goods featuring your favourite celebrities. If you know a die-hard Meryl fan, order some hilarious Meryl fridge magnetics for $19!

A Cool Vintage Book

For the readers, artists, and curious literary folks that you know, a book or magazine is a great way to show that you care. Cruise through the aisles of The Paper Hound on West Pender and get lost in the dated works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and journalism, which can all be found for less than $20.

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Homemade Soap 

Health nuts can never have too much organic soap. Located on Commercial Drive, Bonvita Health takes a holistic approach to healthy living, and they currently have a deal going on: buy one bar of local and organic made soap for $5.95 and get the second one free!

A Large Pizza

Seriously. For around $17, you cannot go wrong with a pizza from Pizza Garden – plus, who gifts an entire box of this fresh-out-of-the-oven goodness? I’ll tell you: a genius. Stop at the dollar store and grab a bow for the top before you hand it over to whoever you love the most. And hey, save me a slice?