ACL, The Software Company That’s Changing the World

ACL: Making the world a safer and more ethical place.

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Like Superman with his glasses, from the outside ACL appears to be a normal company. But get a closer look and you’ll see that their technology straight up changes the world.

Their software has been used to identify “illicit financial transactions that were intended to fund drug cartels, terrorism, and organized crime.” It doesn’t end with taking down terrorist crime rings, either. From exposing fraud in the healthcare industry, and cleaned supply chains to eliminate the risk of conflict minerals and child labour, ACL is essentially a modern-day superhero. And, like every good superhero, you’d never suspect it from their humble outward appearance.

Founded in 1987, ACL has been developing and delivering risk management, compliance, and audit software ever since to some big names in both the private and public sectors. Some of their clients include companies like Toyota, Stanford University, Sony, the US Air Force, the province of British Columbia, and Emirates.

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ACL employees hanging out in the office. (The MIX/Jessy Penelon)

They’re game-changers: Providing organizations with the software tools, support, and knowledge to dive deep into data, turn insights into actions, and manage Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) across their entire organization.

ACL is a 30-year-old company that moves like a start-up. With huge customers (humbly bragging 70% of the Fortune 500) and impressive revenues, they’re allowed the freedom to work in unconventional ways. They empower their team members, knowing that the best knowledge often comes from learning from mistakes. ACL’s shared vision binds their team together, creating a cohesiveness that is unique.

They have quietly made a huge, positive impact on the world today. Doing so by championing innovation, customer care, and giving their employees the freedom to take risks and push boundaries.


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