Creative Living: See How This Real Estate Professional Maximizes Space in His Gastown Condo

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Whether you live in Vancouver or Toronto, you just know that the rent prices are going to be astronomical. In our Creative Living series, we go into the homes of millennials in different neighbourhoods, to see how locals creatively use their living space.

In this video, we follow local real estate professional Richard Bao as he gives us a tour of his home. With rising rent prices in the city, it’s important for residents to be able to maximize what little space you have. Thanks to his experience in the real estate industry, Bao has a solid grasp on how to make the best use of his space.

When it comes to picking out furniture, he says he is very particular about the style and quality of each piece he decides to select. To make his bedroom feel larger, he keeps his furniture low to the ground to give the illusion of higher ceilings and more space. But his best-kept secret? The wall bed that comes out at night.

“There you have it. From the office to a second bedroom in twenty seconds.”

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Richard Bao pulls out a wall-bed to create a second bedroom in his home.

Living in the busy areas of Vancouver, it’s important for him to have some thriving plants in his home.

“I live in an urban environment. But at the same time, I live on the west coast where I’m surrounded by nature. It’s important for me to blend the urban environment and nature altogether so it finds that perfect balance for me.”

Fortunately for him, his convenient location also grants him a stunning view of the city.

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Bao uses creative lighting to add some character to his space.

Check out the full video above to see what else Bao does to decorate his space. For more information on the real estate professional. Check out his social media links below.

Richard Bao

Website: Richard Bao
Instagram: @richardbao_engelvolkers
Facebook: Richard Bao Personal Real Estate Corporation