A Message to All of the Talented Creatives that Collaborated with The MIX…

2018 was a big year for us.

City & People

After launching in March earlier this year, The MIX spent the next ten months tellings hundreds of incredible stories while working with tons of amazing creatives.  Here’s a quick rundown of what we managed to accomplish in 2018.

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We are so grateful to have worked with so many talented artists, musicians, athletes, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and more.  From legendary celebrity photographers like Steve Carty to local anonymous Internet meme-makers like @SeaBusMemes, we just want to give a huge shout out to everyone that collaborated with us during our first year in production.

As a way to show our thanks, we created a wholesome compilation video of all of the claps that took place on past shoots.  Check out the video in the header to see some of the friendly folks that joined us along this amazing journey.

Again, thank you to everyone that we worked with this past year.  We’re thankful for all of the connections we made and honoured to have worked with such innovative people.

Here’s to 2019!

If you’re new around here and you have no idea who we are, don’t worry.  We got you covered.  Here are a few of our favourite pieces.  These videos should give you an idea of the type of content we put out.

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