Dear Rouge’s New Music Video “Chains” Features Wolves Run Wild

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The Vancouver-based and JUNO award-winning duo Dear Rouge just dropped a new music video for “Chains” and this one features live wolves running in the wild.

Danielle and Drew McTaggart make up the indie-rock duo.  The pair collaborated with BOLDLY Creative and Director Martin Glegg to create a stunning and cinematic video for the emotional song.

“Dani and Drew from Dear Rouge brought a really cool concept to the table and it was our job to bring their vision to life,” Glegg says in an interview with The MIX. “One of the main evolutions of the original idea was bringing the wolves into the story. That wasn’t an easy task but I’m really glad we did.”

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(Martin Glegg)

“From the beginning, we wanted wolves. These ravenous creatures that embody everything opposite of love – which is a central theme of the video – took centre stage when framing the story, the shots, and the production schedule,” BOLDLY Creative said in a press release.

Glegg vouched for that statement by adding that most of the funds went towards getting the animals. ”

“With a modest budget, our producers BOLDLY, found a way to make it happen,” he said. “Luckily, we tracked down some professional wolf handlers willing to help out. Basically, we blew the budget on those wolves.”

Even though working with the wolves was the biggest on-set struggle, there were handlers on set to keep the animals at bay.  Though they had limited time with the wolves and were asked to keep at a certain distance for safety reasons, the director believes bringing in the animals was definitely worth it.

“The most amazing moment during the shoot was witnessing the wolves running fiercely between two points on this abandoned beach. It was a stunning scene, the sun was setting, the water was glistening, and the pack of wolves were in full charge. That was the moment we all knew we made the right choice.”

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(Martin Glegg)

Shot in Harrison, BC, the video follows Danielle as she flees from a pack of wolves in the area. “This was an epic adventure to create,” Danielle McTaggart said in a press release. “Much like the meaning of the song, we experienced many peaks and valleys. Ran full speed through a cold, misty, West Coast forest for a weekend. It was a true test of endurance. But then, there was the glorious view – and those majestic wolves! I got to cuddle with one for a day. Just beautiful. This video symbolizes how pain and love can be one in the same.”

The final product was a huge success thanks to the efforts of the entire team. The director of the video gave appreciation to everyone that was involved in the project.

“The most rewarding part was definitely working with the team and the experience that came out of it. A talented production company like BOLDLY, and a cinematographer like Cole Graham, made all the difference. Dear Rouge was also fantastic to work with, so collaborative. Dani was a soldier, as being tracked down by a pack of wolves involved a lot of running.”

The band will be playing a show in Richmond Hill on Valentine’s day and later tour the west coast in March.  Check out their site for all of the dates.  And if you want to check out more work from the director, check out his website here.