Here’s What Went Down At The Underground Fashion Show, Vancity Street

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Vancity Street was back for their one-year anniversary showcase at Celebrities Nightclub.

In collaboration with Grey Goose, Blueprint Eventsand BOI Culture, the underground fashion show featured clothing lines from local designers and performances from local artists. Krystal Lukashuk a.k.a krystal kay, hosted the event, performed a musical set, and even modeled one of the designs. We spoke with her prior to the event to learn more about the beginning of Vancity Street.

“We promote local street designers and stylists,” says the organizer. “However, amidst the show, we also incorporate violinists, singers, dancers. It’s an urban street showcase of all of the unique talent on Vancity streets.”

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From 8 PM until midnight, attendees were able to check out the booths of available artwork, apparel, and other artsy items for sale in the marketplace area. If you had no extra cash to spare, you could move on to the main room where the fashion show took place.

The show started off strong with an insane dance number and immediately transitioned to the first clothing line showcase. Following each set, Krystal conducted a short interview with the designer so the audience was able to learn more about the creative geniuses behind the clothes.

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The outfits ranged from 90s inspired bodycon looks to sacrilegious statement pieces. No matter what your style, there was something for everyone.

Sets from the event included work from:

If you happened to have missed the epic night, you can check out all the photos on their social media accounts below.

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