AnnaLena is Giving Locals a Modern Twist on Canadian Cuisine

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If you’re looking for a taste of Canada then AnnaLena is where you need to be.

At this Kitsilano restaurant, you won’t find stereotypical Canadian food like poutine, beaver tails, or ketchup chips.  Instead, you’ll a wide spectrum of gourmet dishes based off of the owner’s take on modern Canadian food.

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In an interview with the Vancouver Sun, owner Michael Robbins says the menu items were inspired by the types of meals he ate growing up. “Everything reflects how I grew up in East Vancouver,” he said.  “My best friend was Filipino, our neighbours were from China and Singapore and I’d have supper with whichever friend I was playing with.”

The menu contains a range of meat options like chicken, beef, and even bison.  Seafood lovers will be glad to hear that you can also get meals that include oysters, mussels, fish, and scallop.  The dishes not only looks delicious but is full of flavour and contrasting textures.  With a chef from Top Chef Canada, you know the food is going to be amazing.

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For an experience like no other, be sure to check them out during your next date night.  For more information on the restaurant, visit their social media platforms below.


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