Pearls of Vancouver: Where To Find The Best Bubble Tea in the City

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Bubble tea is usually the type of drink one would associate with warm summer weather. The refreshing liquid cooling you down as the hot rays of the sun darkens your skin. Yet people still find themselves drawn to the Taiwanese beverage whether it’s in cool, crisp Autumn or even frosty cold Winter. Here are eleven of Vancouver’s best places to get some delectable bubble tea.

  1. Passion Tearoom

“There is quality in every cup,” is what Passion Tearoom prides itself on with their bubble teas. With a variety of teas and coffees, customers can choose what kind of drink they want from their beautifully designed menu or create something that’s entirely their own. If they fancy a slush, shake, iced tea or milk tea (either hot or cold), the baristas at Passion Tearoom will make it for you. Should you want tapioca pearls or coconut jelly in your drink, it costs an extra 50 cents, a small price to pay for some sweet chewy goodness.

Where: 1020 Howe St, Vancouver

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday (12 – 8 PM), Saturday (12 – 7 PM), Sunday (Closed)

Phone No.: (604) 428-6233

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram


  1. Boba Monster

Monsters are often regarded as the stuff from nightmares that scare children. The monster at Boba Monster, however, is not scary at all. With a comforting and welcoming interior, you can hang out with your closest friends after school and play fun-filled board games or even try your aim at darts (see what I did there?) while drinking a cup of delicious bubble tea.

Where: 5766 Fraser St, Vancouver

Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday (2 -10 PM), Friday, Saturday (2 – 11 PM)

Phone No.: (778) 838-9043

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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  1. Dragon Ball Tea House


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Green Tea Ice Cream Slush with pearls, Mango slush with pearls, and Taro Slush with pearls! 😋 #bubbletea

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This bubble tea house has nothing to do with the popular Japanese anime of the same name. While the outside looks like an outdated condo building, once you step inside, it will make you think that it’s something straight out of a 90’s television show like Saved By the Bell. The only thing about this place is that it’s cash only so don’t go breaking out the credit cards!

Where: 1007 W King Edward Ave, Vancouver

Hours of Operation: Monday, Thursday – Sunday (10 – 11 PM), Wednesday (Closed)

Phone No.: (604) 738-3198

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  1. Bubble World


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Bubble Tea Fix Satisfied👌 @ Bubble World. #foodie #bradsfoodadventures

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Bubble World offers authentic Taiwanese cuisine along with thirst-quenching bubble tea to help wash it all down. With various locations in Metro Vancouver, it’s easy for Vancouverites to go in and grab a bite to eat. Oh, and drink some bubble tea of course.

Where: 1325 Robson St, Vancouver

Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday, Sunday (11:30 AM – 11:30 PM), Saturday (11:30 AM – 12:30 AM)

Phone No.: (604) 689-8987

Social Media: Facebook


  1. Chatime

Chatime, according to their website, is the next trend in beverages. Dedicated to make tea a healthier, refreshing and fun alternative to coffee, Chatime rises above the traditional tea houses in the Far East, marketing tea to the general masses. The first shop opened in Taiwan back in 2005 and now it has about one thousand stores worldwide. With various flavours to choose from (toppings cost an extra 50 cents), you can create your own unique drink combinations.

Where: 1274 Robson Street, 1545 West Broadway, 6075 West Boulevard, 2740 E Hastings Street, 6361 Cambie Street

Hours of Operation: Can be found on their website

Phone No.: Can be found via Google

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

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  1. Taan Char


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Strawberry Green Tea with Cheese Cream

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Defined as “enjoy tea” in Cantonese, Taan Char gives you the calming experience of sitting down at the table and quietly sipping your tea (or sucking up those chewy pearls). Using the freshest ingredients, Taan Char is definitely at the top of their bubble tea game. Who wouldn’t want their bubble tea to be made with fresh fruit instead of fruit-flavoured powder? I know I would.

Where: 7908 Granville Street, Vancouver

Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday, Sunday (12 – 11 PM), Friday – Saturday (12 PM – 12 AM)

Phone No.: (604) 428-8292

Social Media: Instagram


  1. YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Known for their fruit tea (made with the freshest fruit), as well as fresh tapioca pearls made in-house (available in limited quantities at select times of the day), YiFang has locations around the globe, including Taiwan, China, South East Asia, London, Australia, New York, and here in Metro Vancouver. Customers can adjust the amount of ice and sweetener they want to add in their drink. There’s even the added convenience of having one cup size, saving you the hassle of figuring out whether you want a small, regular, or large cup size.

Where: 2-1725 Robson St, Vancouver

Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday, Sunday (11:30 AM – 9:30 PM), Friday – Saturday (11:30 AM – 10 PM)

Phone No.: (604) 303- 9998

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

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  1. The Bubble Tea Shop

If you can’t decide what flavour of bubble tea to get, The Bubble Tea Shop is for you. They have something called a duo cup, which costs $1.50 more than a regular cup of bubble tea. Customers can have two different flavours of bubble tea in the same cup, be it taro and milk tea or mango and peach. There are also cute trinkets and cellphone accessories for sale in the glass display cases inside the shop.

Where: 1680 Robson Street, Vancouver

Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday, Sunday (12 – 9:30 PM), Friday – Saturday (12 – 11:30 PM)

Phone No.: (604) 559-8208

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram


  1. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice has been around since 1997. With creative drink concoctions such as Green Tea on Cloud and Red Bean Chocolate, customers can enjoy different flavours of bubble tea that best suits their taste buds. There is also the option to adjust the sweetness and temperature of their desired drink, which is a plus if there are those who want to watch their waistlines.

Where: 609 W Pender St, Vancouver

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday (11:30 – 10 PM), Saturday (12 – 10 PM), Sunday (12 – 9 PM)

Phone No.: (604) 336-0929

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram


  1. Boba Boy


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New tapiocas and drinks coming soon! Who’s excited😝 #bobaboykerrisdale

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Boba Boy has several stores across Vancouver and Toronto. There is also a wide variety of pearls you can select from. It’s a step up from the traditional pearls that we often see in other bubble tea shops. Customers also have the option to have their bubble tea put in a reusable plastic bottle ($1 more) featuring the adorable Boba Boy logo.

Where: 2184 W 41st Avenue, Vancouver

Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday, Sunday (11 AM – 10 PM), Friday Saturday (11 AM – 10:30 PM)

Phone No.: (604) 428-8033

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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  1. Presotea

Presotea is one of the widely known bubble tea chains in Taiwan, first opening 13 years ago in 2006. With locations all around the world, they have classic milk teas, fruit teas, and fruit slush. One unique aspect of this bubble tea shop is the black and white pearls that they put in their Panda Pearl Milk Tea.

Where: 777 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver

Hours of Operation: Monday, Tuesday (10 – 7 PM), Wednesday – Friday (10 AM – 9 PM) Saturday (10 AM – 8 PM), Sunday (11 AM – 7 PM)

Phone No.: (604) 620-3192

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram