Top 7 Vegetarian and Vegan Ramen Spots in Vancouver

Vancouver, a longtime haven for vegans and vegetarians, has recently become the Ramen mecca of BC. We've curated a list of our must-try spots for the best Ramen in the city with vegans and vegetarians in mind.

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JINYA Ramen Bar

Named after a Samurai soldier, JINYA kills the ramen game. Exclusively using Fuji water for their ramen base and ageing their hand-made noodles for 3 days in-house means you’re getting top-tier noods. The Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen dish is what’s up for herbivores and carnivores alike.

Rumour has it they’re opening up a JINYA Ramen Express location on West 4th soon.

Location: 541 Robson St or 2129 West 41st Avenue
Instagram: @jinyaramenbar
Facebook: @JinyaRamenBar


The Ramen Butcher

Creamy broth, trendy decor, and staff who care. Don’t let the name fool you, The Ramen Butcher takes care of Vancouver’s vegetarians, too. Besides their Vegetarian Ramen, their Crunchy Noodle Salad is a must try.

Location: 223 E Georgia St
Instagram: @theramnebutcher
Facebook: @TheRamenButcher

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Danbo has Vegan options available for all the ramen listed on the menu. That’s right, you may have strict dietary needs but at Danbo every menu option is available for you.

Location: 1333 Robson St and 1833 W 4th Ave
Instagram: @ramendanbo_ca
Facebook: @RamenDanbo


The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe

With an all-vegetarian menu, The Workshop is a vegetarian ramen staple. Try the Spicy Tan-Tan Ramen and don’t skip on the add-ons.

Location: 296 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver
Instagram: @workshopvegcafe
Facebook: @WorkShopVegCafe

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Ramen Koika

Ramen Koika makes their noodles fresh every day and their menus is guaranteed no MSG. Try the Veggie Triple Black Garlic Ramen. For pescatarians perusing this list, Koika often has seafood specials to watch out for.

Location: 1231 Davie St or 1479 Robson St
Instagram: @ramenkoika
Facebook: @ramenkoika


Ramen Gojiro

Ramen Gojiro’s Vegetarian Ramen, made with a creamy miso and soy milk broth, is topped with veggies and a giant portobello mushroom. Gojiro is also doing a vegetarian-friendly Crunchy Noodle Salad.

Location: 501 Dunsmiur St
Instagram: @ramengojiro

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Motomachi Shokudo

The vegetarian ramen at Motomachi Shokudo tastes almost too good. There’s no lack of flavour but adding their special secret spicy sauce is a must. They also have a Bamboo Charcoal dish for those who like their soup as black as their souls.

Location: 740 Denman St
Instagram: @motomachi_shokudo