Blume Lattes Will Make You Forget Your Toxic Ex, Caffeine

Health & Wellness

Turmeric, beetroot, cacao, and steamed mylk. This Vancouver-based company is redefining the latte.

Vancouver is ground zero for health trends in British Columbia, and with a cafe on every corner of our beautiful city it was only a matter of time before health drinks and lattes merged. The result is Blume, the brainchild of Vancouver-based founders Ella Dalling and Karen Danudjaja.

A latte without caffeine might seem sacrilegious, but trading in your daily espresso for a superfood drink has undeniable benefits. They’re tasty as hell and Instagram-friendly; coming in rainbow shades of bright pink, crimson, and gold. Blume’s specialty lattes are dedicated to your health; they use ingredients like turmeric, chilis, and beetroots to boost your immune system. They’re the shift that every caffeine-hooked city-dweller needs to make in their daily routine – take it from an ex-espresso addict.

The shop was created to provide a healthy lifestyle alternative. “Blume is about being open. When a flower is at its peak it’s fully bloomed – it’s open to the world, it’s very vulnerable,” says founder Dalling. “We wanted Blume to be a company about a lifestyle and less about the products that we actually sell.”

Everyday coffee consumer or not, Blume is intended to be a part of your daily routine. Luckily for Vancouver, Blume products are available in cafés and health-food stores across the city. They supply Canada-wide, either online or in certain locations you can check here.

Blume knows that alongside a dedication to health comes an understanding of balance. Dalling and Danudjaja appreciate the benefits of superfoods and pints alike. The women are grounded – enjoying their turmeric lattes next to their craft beers.

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