Fitness Coach Phil Mackenzie from Lean Squad Takes Us Through an Intense Workout

It's time to get into shape!

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The MIX Master Class is a series where industry professionals teach us some tricks of the trade. In this episode, Lean Squad’s Phil Mackenzie takes us through a workout routine to help viewers get in shape for the summer.

Mackenzie is a former pro athlete that is now changing lives with his recipes and workout routine. He is a fat-loss coach with the Lean Squad. He joined us for a Master Class session to give us a quick rundown of a workout that viewers can try out at home.

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The workout is as follows:

  • Battle Ropes
  • Kettlebell swing and press
  • Kettlebell jack and press
  • Mountain climber plan shuffle
  • 4 x cross-body mountain climber + push up
  • high knees + dumbbell punches
  • Side plank reach through (right side)
  • Side plank reach through (left side)
  • Dumbbell bent over flys
  • Sprints: 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off (8 minutes)

Check out the video to see his form. If you want to see more from Mackenzie and the Lean Squad, you can check out the social media accounts below.

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