How Natural Beauty Boutique Owner Nitasha Goel Is Making Toronto a Greener City

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The Cure Apothecary is beautifying Canada with its organic skin care products using natural ingredients from all around the world.


A quick glance at your store-brand face wash and you might be surprised at the number of unpronounceable ingredients listed on the packaging. Sure, these chemicals might be treating your pizza face, but what else is it doing to your body? With more people making the switch to natural and organic products, green beauty is in.

Nitasha Goel is the owner of The Cure Apothecary, a natural skin care boutique in Toronto. Growing up, she had always planned to be an entrepreneur.  “I always spoke to my parents about opening up a store and running this path,” she says. “They never really thought it would happen. As an Indian woman, they sort of saw a different path for me and I saw a different path for myself.”

Fortunately, her time and effort into the business has been helping people make the switch from chemical filled products to organic options. “I did a lot of research to see what sort of natural ingredients we could use on our skin to help us stay youthful,” she says. “I love when someone comes into the shop for their first time, buys their very first natural product, and returns with the biggest smile on their face,” she says.

For Goel, her personal favourite product is the Dahlia & Sons body whip. It is a hydrating lotion that only contains three ingredients: cocoa, coconut, and shea butter. Through the use of these products, the entrepreneur wants her customers to be aware of their own natural beauty. “You are beautiful just the way you are,” she says. “That’s what I’m trying to invoke to all of my clients.”

Now, the beauty boutique owner says she is happy to be able to live her dream. To the young entrepreneurs who need a little push, Goel has this to say:

“If you have a passion inside of you. Follow through with it. Bring that to the core. Let your passion drive your existence.”