Ride Together. Soul Together. Here’s Why People Are Joining the SoulCycle Vancouver Community

SoulCycle isn't just a high-energy all-inclusive indoor cycling class. It's a mind-body experience that will leave you feeling better, both mentally and physically.

Health & Wellness

Indoor cycling: Self-care that’s equal parts therapy and exercise. You’re pushing your body’s physiological and mental limits by building strength, toning muscles, and sustaining your emotional well-being.

The indoor cycling phenomenon of being a dual mental and physical exercise attracts an entire community of people, especially in Vancouver. Those craving the cathartic-sweat-pouring experience of indoor cycling gravitate towards studios that are designed to motivate, like SoulCycle’s candle-lit, high-energy classes.

“Nothing else matters. It’s just you, your mind, your body.” – Abbey Ashley, SoulCycle Instructor

During a SoulCycle class, you’re not only consciously focusing on bettering yourself, your exercise-fueled brain is also delivering an endorphin-spiked-cocktail that surges good feelings. SoulCycle instructors are masters at channelling this feel-good energy into positive change and motivation to push yourself. They are the sherpas of your fitness journey, both physically and mentally.

The MIX spoke with instructor Abbey Ashley and riders JD Leano and Andrew Trasolini from the SoulCycle Yaletown location.

As a dancer and avid runner, Abbey Ashley was searching for a crosstraining workout in LA when she found SoulCycle. Once Ashley discovered the “cardio-based workout that [combined] rhythm riding and choreography” she instantly fell in love.

Rider JD Leano describes the unparalleled anticipation before starting each class. “Clipping in, you’re getting prepared for what’s to come. It’s this visceral feeling.”

“I feel like the most authentic version of myself… I feel best when I’m sweating, dancing, running. I feel empowered and free.”

Your quads are burning, you’re drenched in sweat, and you’ve never felt better. Welcome to SoulCycle.

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