The Village Bloomery: Local Leaders In Cannabis For Health and Wellness

Cannabis Health & Wellness

A family-run business that embodies the inclusive future of cannabis dispensaries

In June 2015, the Village Bloomery was born from the minds of life and business partners Andrea Dobbs and Jeremy Jacob. Both serial and socially conscious entrepreneurs, and political activists, they’ve always pursued unique ventures throughout the years. Their entrepreneurial experience combined with their personal experience naturally led to creating the family-founded and run Village Bloomery.

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“What would a cannabis shop look like if there was no prohibition? What would it be like if there was no stigma? If it was a regular place people came in and got products that they needed? And this is what it evolved into.” – Jeremy Jacobs

Located just outside of Granville Island, the Village Bloomery was a hit with their customers and the press, winning the Georgia Straight’s first-ever Best in Vancouver Award for dispensaries, along with the awards for Best Dispensary and Best Dispensary Branding by Lift Cannabis Magazine.

“I encourage people to ask questions and not assume that because they don’t know something that they’re dumb or not cool. I was 48 before I explored cannabis, it’s never too late, you can be a late bloomer.” – Andrea Dobbs

Thoughtfully designed and curated with only the finest cannabis products and accessories, the shop is thought of more as a health and wellness centre than the stereotypical dispensary. Here service, customer experience and education are also what sets them apart. They want everyone to feel welcome when they enter and leave with a better understanding of cannabis. Their mission is to also dispel the decades-long stigma on a plant that was used for medicinal, therapeutic, and spiritual purposes for thousands of years. Their biggest reward is seeing how their products and service has helped their customers over time.

“The most impactful thing we got from opening this business, and we didn’t expect it, was the positive change that we were able to help so many people experience. And when they come back to us with their stories, that’s where you really understand this is not just an average product that you’re selling.” – Jeremy Jacob

If you’re in Kitsilano or visiting Granville Island, make sure to stop by their lovely location inside the courtyard at 206 – 1540 W 2nd Ave. And if you’re interested to learn more about cannabis along with great service and products, it’s definitely worth the trip to visit them.

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