Bugs Found in Cannabis purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store

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Double check your stash – especially if you got it from the Ontario Cannabis Store. Redditors have recently discovered that their bud has been infested with bugs.

Although most Canadians have been pretty stoked about legal cannabis, the Canadian government has taken their sweet time when it comes to allowing dispensaries to sell their product to the public. With very few legal suppliers in business, it’s vital for them to actually be able to run their business properly.

Since sales first started in October, the Ontario Cannabis Store has been struggling to keep up with the market. In addition to the incorrectly labelled products, recalled products for mold, and the privacy breach that took place, customers have noticed that their bud is contaminated with bugs.

First reported on the High Times, Redditors have posted photos of their product filled with bugs, some dead, some alive.

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People online were shocked upon hearing the news. Some people immediately checked their stock to see if their batch was affected. Lo and behold, it was.

“After seeing the article on the mould I decided to check mine and each and every single one had bugs and burrows in it,” wrote one user.

According to the thread, these are the strains that you need to watch out for:

  • B.E.C. Lot: #2B1L2, packaged 8/3/2018
  • Shark Shock. Lot: #1B2L3, packaged 10/24/18
  • White Shark. Lot: #2B1L1, packaged 8/7/18
  • White WidowLot: #3B1L2, packaged 7/20/18
  • Wappa. Lot: #3B1L3, packaged 8/6/18
  • Shiskaberry. Lot $4B1L1, packaged 8/15/18

Check out the thread to see more photos of bug-ridden bud.