Canadian Woman Competing in World’s Largest Transgender Pageant

Let's go, Canada!

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Vancouver resident Julie Vu will be representing Canada at the Miss International Queen in Thailand, a competition that has been considered the equivalent of Miss Universe for the transgender community.

In an interview with CTV News, Vu spoke about her past and how she had always wanted to like the women she saw on television.

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“I wanted to be beautiful. I wanted to be a woman. To see these role models and these beautiful women on the stage, it meant so much to me,” Vu told CTV News. “I just never thought that I’d be able to transition and to be in the body that I am in today.”

Since starting in 2004, Vu will be the second Canadian ever to compete in Miss International Queen.  The first Canadian to compete was Jenna Talackova in 2010.

“I wanted to follow in her footsteps,” said Vu. “I want to put Canada on the map and show everyone how diverse, multicultural and how accepting we are.  Canada is very accepting  but there are still people who are closed-minded.”

Vu already has experience being in the public eye.  She has been documenting her journey online through YouTube videos under the pseudonym Princess Joules.  There, she shares stories about her transition, personal life, and travels.  She has accumulated over 525,000 subscribers since starting the channel in 2010.

Vu hopes to be the first Canadian to win the pageant.  If you want to catch the event, it takes place on March 8th, 2019 in Pattaya. For more information on Miss International Queen, click here.