Environment Canada Issues Extreme Weather Alert Across the Country (January 2019)

Things are about to get chilly.

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Stay indoors and whip out the hot cocoa!  According to Environment Canada’s weather alert, the entire country is in for some freezing temperatures.

One quick glance at the infographic and viewers will see a whole lot of red.  The organization uses a colour code system where grey indicates a statement, yellow indicates an area to watch, and red indicates that a warning has been issued.

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(Environment Canada)

The map reveals extreme weather in major parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and Ontario.  While other provinces have warnings in just some regions.  Environment Canada typically issues these warnings to alert extreme winds, snowfall, or temperature levels that could cause hypothermia or frostbite.

The grey portion on the east coast of the country refers to a special statement discussing a winter storm that’s about to come.

“While it is difficult to give details this far in advance, all indications show a major snowfall event for areas north of the track of the low, a major rainfall event south of the track of the low, and significant amounts of snow, rain and potential for an extended freezing rain event near the track of the low,” the statement reads.