House in Canada Up for Grabs for Just $25 and a Short Essay

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Looking for some affordable property?  A house in Canada is up for grabs for just $25 and a short essay.

Alla Wagner is the current owner to a $1.7 million home in Alberta.  She has decided to sell her home since her health has made it difficult to move up and down stairs.  But instead of just putting it on the market and letting realtors make some deals, she’s launched a Facebook page and contest titled, “Write a Letter, Win a House.”

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

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(Facebook/Write a Letter, Win a House)

Wagner got the idea for the contest after stumbling across a similar idea in the past. “It was such an exciting idea that for a long time the story and the event was the subject of my admiration,” she says in a Facebook note. ”

For all of the writers out there, this is one contest you may want to enter.  From now until April 5, 2019, prospective homeowners can enter the contest by answering one simple question: “Why would moving to this lakefront dream home change your life?”

The word count is capped to 350 words and there’s a $25 CDN entry fee, but that’s a small price for a chance to win a life-changing prize.

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Although the contest states it will end on April 5th, the Contest Terms & Conditions says there is a possibility the contest could extend.  She’ll be taking in entries until it reaches the home listing amount of $1.7 million.  If the contest gets cancelled, refunds will be issued to all those who entered.

When it comes to choosing a winner, there will be a public vote to determine the finalists and then a panel of judges will determine the lone victor a.k.a new homeowner.

For more information on the contest, check out the Facebook page for all the details.