LGBT Nightlife Venues XY and 1181 Lounge Closing at the End of December

A devastating loss for the queer community.

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According to owner Jennifer Mickey, XY nightclub and 1181 Lounge will close its doors at the end of the year.

Mickey shared the statement on social media, stating that the decision to close the venues came from “high commercial lease rates on Davie street, and increasing challenges in obtaining hospitality insurance.” Although it was a difficult decision to make, she says it was her only option.

Read the full statement below:

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1181 Lounge, also arguably known as Vancouver’s best gay lounge, first opened in 2006. Mickey took ownership of the venue in 2011 where patrons enjoyed checking out topless bartenders, drag shows, fancy cocktails, and live music.

As for XY, the gay bar opened its doors in 2015, giving Vancouver a taste of “amazing cocktails, edgy entertainment, and a staff that understands the value and importance of customer service.”

With the closure of two queer venues closing down, LGBTQ2+ spaces in Vancouver are dwindling at a record speed. Other spots that have bid farewell include Odyssey Nightclub and the notable brunch spot, the Elbow Room.

After the news dropped online, people on Twitter were quick to express their sudden sadness.

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On the bright side, the venues have decided to go out with style. XY and 1181 will host a number of farewell parties to bring locals “goodbye parties like you’ve never seen.” So before you go crying by your lonesome self over the devastating news, grab a few friends and hit up the parties before it’s too late.

Here’s hoping that 2019 brings some good news to the queer community.