Ontario Teenager Becomes Prime Minister For a Day

Our world leaders just keep getting younger.

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For one day only, a 15-year-old Ontario teenager is taking over as the Prime Minister of Canada.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish Canada, Aiden Anderson is living out his dream of running the country. The young leader suffers from a heart condition and Make-A-Wish came through to help him fulfill his lifelong dream.

On Monday, Anderson arrived in Ottawa where he was greeted by the RCMP and the prime minister’s protection detail. The following day, he got tours of the Tactical Protective Operations Facility, Rideau Hall, the Musical Ride Branch and stables, and even the prime minister’s aircraft.

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On Wednesday, he’ll get a special tour of Parliament and also attend a Question Period in the House of Commons. In the afternoon, he’ll even get to host his own news conference. And later, Anderson will attend a dinner and then hang out with (former?) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The teen has a keen interest in politics, making this experience a dream come true.

“I just like learning about our country, I like learning about how much money we’re spending on things like health care and schools, to spending money on national security and defence and what’s going on in the House of Commons,” Anderson said.

On Thursday, Anderson will spend the day with the Canadian Army where he will shadow the commander of the Army. He will also be outfitted with his own uniform and named an honorary lieutenant-colonel for the day.

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Although this opportunity grants him a limited time in Parliament, he said that if he really was the prime minister of Canada, he would focus on international policy.

“What I would want to do is help other countries who are in a particularly tight spot like Ukraine or countries in Africa who are being constantly under attack by other people. I want to help out those people who just want to live and help bring justice to the world.”

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Be sure to tune into his conference at 1:20 P.M.!