Red Bull Air Force Performs Tonight at the Honda Celebration of Lights

For the first time ever, the flight team will be performing an air show in beautiful British Columbia.

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As part of the Honda Celebration of Lights, beachgoers will get to enjoy an acrobatic aerial show performed by three members from the Red Bull Air Force team.

Jon DeVore, Mike Swanson, and Sean MacCormac will start off 3,000 feet above the beach and perform the show as smoke blasts out of canisters by their feet.

“It’s the first time we’ve performed at the Celebration of Light and also the first time the team has performed in Vancouver,” says team manager and skydiver DeVore. “We’re really excited about checking out this awesome city from above — a bird’s eye perspective.”

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Although this is their first time in Vancouver, this definitely isn’t their first time doing these thrilling performances. The team is known for pushing the limits of human flight.

“What gets overlooked is that most people just think [skydiving] is just a daredevil, adrenaline-fueled sport,” DeVore says in an interview with Breakfast Television. “A lot of dedication and time goes into the training and preparation to make a show like what you’re going to see tonight.”

The show takes place tonight at 6:45 PM at English Bay before the fireworks show (Sweden). But if you’re unable to make tonight’s performance, you can catch it again Saturday, August 4th at 7:45 PM before the fireworks show by South Korea.