Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Happening This Weekend

It's not just a Blood Moon. It's a Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

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Cancel your plans and stare out your window.  According to the Weather Network, a Total Lunar Eclipse is happening this weekend and you’re not going to want to miss it.

On the night of January 20-21, Canadians will get to check out the Full Moon passing through the northern half of the Earth’s shadow.  As a result, we’ll be able to witness a Total Lunar Eclipse.  The best part? This eclipse will be visible all across the country from beginning to end.

The eclipse has been estimated to last five hours and 12 min, while the Total Eclipse will last one hour and two minutes.

But this isn’t just a regular Total Lunar Eclipse, it’s being called a Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

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Super Moon comes from the fact that it will be larger and brighter than normal. The adjective Blood refers to the colour red and its connections to the biblical account of apocalypse. Wolf Moon comes from almanac writers assigned to the first Full Moon of the year.  And of course, the last part of the name is obvious – it’s a Total Lunar Eclipse.

Based on where you live, the grand event will start 8:41 PM PST, 9:41 PM MST, and 11:41 PM EST.

Be sure to clear your calendars to catch this rare event.  The next Total Lunar Eclipse won’t take place until May 2022.