Top 10 Most Instagrammable Hiking Spots In Vancouver

Looking to up your social game? These are the most Instagrammed hikes in Vancouver based on relevant hashtag use.

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With technology continually advancing, social media and tech have become a huge component of our lives. It’s not uncommon to hear older generations lecturing the younger folks to go outside and put down the cellphone. We understand that people should appreciate the great outdoors, but we also know that social media is a powerful platform to help your own personal brand. Who said we can’t have both?

For the tech-savvy influencers who need to Instagram every second of their lives, we got you covered. This list contains the top ten most Instagrammed hikes in and around Vancouver. Now, you can climb a mountain while also climbing up the social ladder.

Stawamus Chief

Tag: #stawamuschief
Number of posts: 17.7k

Located in Squamish, the Stawamus Chief is an intermediate level hike that will give you a stunning scenic backdrop of Howe Sound and Garibaldi Provincial Park. Hikers can choose to trek three different peaks of varying difficulty level.

Mount Seymour

Tag: #mountseymour
Number of posts: 24.1k

Just 30 minutes away from downtown Vancouver, Mount Seymour is a popular destination during the summer and winter months. If hiking isn’t your thing, you can ski or snowboard during the cold months for some sweet snowy action shots.

The Black Tusk

Tag: #blacktusk
Number of posts: 26.4k

This one is for the experienced hikers. The Black Tusk is considered a difficult trek, taking roughly 11 hours to complete. However, when the alpine flowers are in bloom, this can create a lovely scenic background for the perfect photo op.

Garibaldi Lake

Tag: #garibaldilake
Number of posts: 27.3k

Water, mountains, and more. Garibaldi Lake has everything you need for the perfect scenic nature shot. The trail takes roughly five hours to complete, making it an intermediate hike for adventurers. Once you complete the full trail and arrive at the main junction, hikers have the option to take on a new challenge – The Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge.

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Golden Ears

Tag: #goldenears
Number of posts: 34.4k

For those who like a challenge, the Golden Ears trail is just what you need. The round-trip hike is 24 km with an elevation of 1,500 metres. It takes about 12 hours to complete so hikers may want to head out early to ensure you have enough daylight.

Lighthouse Park

Tag: #lighthousepark
Number of posts: 36.1k

The Lighthouse Park trail is perfect for beginners. The hike takes about 2 hours and has fairly minimal elevation. The best part? It’s dog-friendly so feel free to bring your doggo to ensure more likes on your Instagram pictures.

Quarry Rock

Tag: #quarryrock
Number of posts: 47.5k

Located in North Vancouver, Quarry Rock a.k.a Grey Rock, is another easy hike that contains great scenic views. The Vancouver Trails website promises “densely wooded areas of Douglas Fir and Hemlock trees, small creeks from mountain runoff, and the smell of fresh forest air.”

Joffre Lakes

Tag: #joffrelakes
Number of posts: 50k

Outside of Pemberton is Joffre Lakes. While walking the 10 km trail, hikers will get to pass not one, not two, but three stunning turquoise lakes. Many people opt to walk down the massive log in order to get a sweet shot of themselves in the clear lake water.

Lynn Canyon

Tag: #lynncanyon
Number of posts: 56.9k

Home of the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, it’s no surprise to see why Lynn Canyon made it on this list. But if you don’t want to be basic, there are tons of other scenic backgrounds to choose from like by Twins Falls or 30 Foot Pool.

Grouse Grind

Tag: #grousegrind
Number of posts: 62.7k

Known as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster,” the Grouse Grind is a classic summer activity. Once you conquer the grueling hike, a photo displaying your finish time is a common IG trend. Although most people can manage to finish it in less than two hours, expect to have some sore legs the following day.

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