Vancouver’s First Provincially-Approved Cannabis Store is Opening its Doors Tomorrow

Get ready for Saturday!

The MIX Now

Cannabis enthusiasts will be glad to hear tomorrow marks the day that Vancouver’s first provincially-approved cannabis store will finally open its doors to the public.

Evergreen Cannabis Society did it first. After a tedious process, owners Mike Babins and Maria Petrucci got the good news on Christmas Eve.  After gaining approval, the store was initially planning to (re)open its doors last Saturday but had to reschedule to Jan. 5 due to holiday timeline issues at City Hall.

“With the provincial stuff, it was just a lot of thorough investigation. Every time they had to call me and say we need this now, we need that now. I went from thinking what’s taking so long to of course it’s taking so long. Because they’re trying really hard to make sure it’s a clean industry without a criminal organization in it,” he said. “I’d never been audited before. I never thought that would happen. My wife and I in separate rooms while they (interviewed us). It was really, really, really in-depth.”

Although the holidays threw a wrench in their timeline, Babins says they will continue to do what needs to be done.

“We’ve been playing by the rules, which is why we are the first to get a license so we aren’t going to start breaking them now,” he said.

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As the first approved store, one may expect an overwhelming amount of demand, however, he adds that he’s not worried about running out of bud.

Online applications for approval started coming in August.  Currently, only four stores have been granted approval.  One in Pouce Coupe, two in Kimberley, and another in Vancouver. City Cannabis Company is the second Vancouver dispensary to get approval.  However, it received its license for its 7289 Fraser St. location that currently does not yet have a projected opening date.