Vancouver’s London Drugs Family Donates $6.5 Million to St. Paul’s Hospital

A $6.5-million donation to St. Paul's Hospital was announced Tuesday. The cardiac centre at the new hospital will be named the Tong Louie Cardiac Wing in recognition.

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St. Paul’s Hospital has long been a fixture on Burrard St. – so long, in fact, that it’s time for some updates. The 124-year-old hospital is to be demolished once the construction of the new hospital, on Terminal and Main St., is completed.

Two charities have come together to contribute to a cardiac wing in the new hospital. The London Drugs Foundation and the Tong and Geraldine Louie Family Foundation have donated $6.5-million to the cardiac centre, which is set to be named the Tong Louie Cardiac Wing.

Brandt Louie, chair of the London Drugs Ltd., stated that St. Paul’s is dear to their family. Geraldine Louie, the Louie family matriarch, received exceptional care at St. Paul’s while being treated for congenital heart disease.

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“As a 115-year-old B.C. owned and operated family company, we are proud of our lengthy history of giving back to the people of this province,” said Louie. “This is a proud moment for our family and we are honoured to be part of the bold, bright future of the new St. Paul’s.”

The Louie family’s philanthropy is well-known throughout B.C., woven through the history of our province for over 100 years. Louie’s grandfather landed in Canada just two years after St. Paul’s was founded, starting the HY Louie Company in 1903. His grandfather encouraged his sons to give back in “equal measures to the communities where they conducted business,” Louie stated. “He said, in part, ‘When pursuing prosperity you must follow the laws of heaven. Don’t be afraid to be kind and charitable.’ Those words have been the guiding principle of our family company for 115 years and four generations of family leadership.”

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The donation will help recruit cardiologists and surgeons and expand care for patients, Dr Sean Virani, the physician program director for the Heart Centre, stated. St. Paul’s is the only hospital in B.C. that performs heart transplants and is world-famous for minimally invasive heart valve surgeries.